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Welcome To Love is the Solution!

Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine a world where Love is the solution?

Imagine a world where Acceptance and Tolerance are a way of living?

Imagine a world where the language is Love?

Imagine a world where people do their best in every situation?

Imagine a world where people never experience hate?

Imagine a world at peace...because Love is the solution!





If you look around you and watch the news, you will quickly see that now is the time for humanity to listen carefully to the message of LOVE. The world seems to be increasingly filled with hate, war, injustice, brutality, anger, and revenge. It would be a challenge to find a corner of the world that is blessed with tranquility. This is not a situation that should be described as normal, nor can we continue this way much longer.

My name is Nasser Zaghi and I believe that Love is the Solution to all the difficulties that surround us. Difficulties are a part of life; there is no way to avoid them. It is our responsibility to respond to them in a way that brings peace to our world, to our community, and to ourselves. I have developed three basic principles to guide you in meeting each difficult opportunity with love and peace:

  1. It is every person's responsibility to meet life's challenges with an attitude of loving acceptance.
  2. Each person must act with a commitment to fairness.
  3. Everyone must be dedicated to doing one's best in every way.

Love is the Solution is about how to bring peace to the world and happiness to individuals, and not about what to do.

Love is the Solution is the "matchmaker" for peace in the world and individual happiness.

When the power of love is greater than the love of power, the world will be a better place. Love is the solution!


Mission Statement

Love is the Solution is an organization that is dedicated to serving the community and the world by raising awareness and understanding of the profound potential for world peace contained within the combined principles of loving acceptance, fairness and doing ones' best. Our mission is to share the principles of Love is the Solution, to encourage all persons to engage in the practice of these principles. We believe that this will lead to transforming the individual, our society, and the world, ending hatred and fostering happiness in the individual and peace in the world.

Love is the Solution is about how to bring peace to the world and happiness to individuals, and not about what to do. Love is the Solution is for all people, there is no political or religious agenda or goal other than the stated goal of the elimination of hatred in the world and the emergence of peace and freedom for all people.

Our vision is that, by embracing the principles of Love is the Solution, by practicing acceptance, fairness, and doing one's best, there will come a time when no child will have to witness hatred in any form. Children will grow into adults who have no experience of hatred and have lived with the positive principles of acceptance, fairness, and doing ones best. It will be then that world peace becomes a reality.

Nasser Zaghi met with His Holiness the Dalai Lama on April 22, 2007 in San Francisco.


Dalai lama Dalai Lama On April 22, 2007 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, California, USA, Mr. Zaghi shared his peace project with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. His Holiness embraced Mr. Zaghi and expressed his interest in the Love Is The Solution, Peace is Possible book. It was a turning point for Nasser Zaghi's peace project. Click to view more photos of Nasser and the Dalai Lama. Click here to see a video of the meeting.

Love Is the Solution
is a charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to global peace education.